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Some Of The Mobile Operating System Used

A Smart phone is otherwise called mobile phone. It is pocket- sized device which is used to send and receive messages and is also used to convey the voice calls. Most of the mobile have features like calendar, games, music player, calculator camera etc. Now- a- days it is used to access the internet also. The display is mostly in touch screen. We can share the information all over the world through the phones. It has full of funs and entertainment. It is used to pay the electric bills, mobile bills etc and to book the online tickets through the smart phone.


iOS: iOS is formerly called as iPhone operating system developed by apple Inc. It contains the multi-touch facilities. However the iphone have been in the second place in all over the market. The specification and clarity is excellent

Android: It is developed by Google Inc. Android is the powerful operating system which can support large number of apps. It is the top selling mobile operating system and the users are increasing day by day. It has more number of update in the original version of android. The java programming language is used in this android.

Windows phone: It is the smart phone operating system developed by Microsoft. Windows Phone8 is introduced in 2012. Some of the additional features is added to this version like weather in calendar, quick update of Bluetooth, wi-fi etc. Java and html language is used. When comparing to other competitors, the windows phone is poor.

Blackberry: The blackberry device is used to record the video, to play music, access through internet etc. It is the modern smart phone operating system. Secured communication is the most specialized one and the price is too high.


Types Of Application Stores And Issues For Smart Phone

Display: Smart phones have the attractive screen in the front surface. Only thumb is not enough to us the entire screen, use the both hand to touch the display. Some of the popular display are LED,OLED, liquid-crystal etc.

Accessories: Some of mobile phone accessories are screen protector, data cables, add-on batteries, headphone, and Bluetooth device enable the user to listen music. Scratch card is used to protect the display from scratches.

Battery life: When comparing to keypad phone the smart phone battery life is poor. It affects the customer satisfaction.

Social: Some of the person not paying attention while crossing the road, this cause accident. Using mobile phone while driving will affect the public. It will disturb the sleep also.