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Human resources is the important part of any business or company

Human beings are the best creations in the world and they fill the earth completely with meaning. If we take the human beings out of the world the whole world become vain because all other creations are made for human beings. Likewise the companies, businesses and the organizations become nothing without human resources because they are the actual work force of the company. Though the industries, factories and companies have adapted to modern technology like machineries and computers they need human resources to operate the machines and computers. Without the work force of the human beings no machines or modern technologies will be useful. Therefore the power of the human resources is very much needed for every business and companies. It is the human resource that brings productive results without which there is no companies, industries, factories or organizations.

Human resource management

The team of managers called as Human Resource managers forms the team called human resource management team otherwise called as human resource department. This department is to regulate the human resources of the company so that they can use the work force properly to see the productive results. The human resources team is responsible for recruiting, training, payroll processing, the performance monitoring and other things like retention and termination.


HR department takes steps for recruiting the employees for the company for which they do job analysis. First they look forward for the current need of the company and sort out the areas for which the work force is needed. Based on the requirement they advertise about the job vacancy and welcome the applicants. Then they conduct the recruitment process it may be written test and interview and any other tests like medical tests to evaluate whether the person is eligible for the available vacancy. The recruitment process will vary from company to company as per the job requirement and the job profile. Recruitment is otherwise called as staffing.


It is conducted after recruiting the employees to train them in the particular field, this mostly happens to the fresher and sometimes to the experienced also. This training will be one to one or for all together. HR managers evaluate the employees once again when the training is over.


On a regular basis, periodically the HR team will arrange the workshop or seminars for the employees to motivate and encourage the employees about their workforce, ethics and their involvement in the productivity. The motivation also includes the hiking the salary, increment, compliments and bonus payments.


When the HR team finds that the set of employees are giving their best, they will try to keep the employees in the company. They try all the possibilities to retain the person in the company by stooping them from going out.


When the person is not involved in the work properly and doing some nuisance to others, then the HR team use the authority to terminate them at any time. If the HR team is not satisfied with the performance of the employee then the team goes for termination.