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Rid of ADHD

Fast Diagnosis and Effective Management Can Help Children Get Rid of ADHD

For children forgetting their homework occasionally, hyper acting without logic, daydreaming in the classroom, inattentiveness to studies or restlessness white sitting or at dinner table are quite common experiences for parents and teachers all over the world. Most times, these kids are marked as undisciplined, troublemakers, disobedient and severely criticized at home or in school for being lethargic and disruptive.

Nevertheless, as per medical science, a large percentage of kids especially those who are below 8 years are found impulsive, hyperactive or inattentive which is a sign of Attentive Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or ADHD. Typically, problems in children with ADD or ADHD lead to troubles both at home and school affecting the child’s learning ability and parent’s mental peace.

According to Dr. Jonathan Lauter, MD, the NY based eminent Psychiatric who has been positioned as the Director, Child and Adolescent Psychiatry-Outpatient Care Clinic at Elmhurst Hospital that, making mistakes in recognizing whether you loved one is a victim of ADHD or punishing him cannot do anything other than leading the case to severity. The distinguished physician, dedicatedly assisting patients come to him with various mental disorders for more than 20 years considers that intervention from parents part as well as school level is the foremost job that can help a child come out of ADHD. With his long experience in Child and Adolescent psycho-analyst that if properly cared and treated, children having ADHD problem can overcome the problem, and even make prosperous career life in their later life.

The knowledgeable physician appeals to parents that once they guess that their child is a victim of ADHD, instead of visiting a doctor; their foremost job is to start addressing different symptoms of the kid.

Rid of ADHD

He offers a few guidelines to begin the session in the following manner:

  • Regularly go out with your child, note the symptoms that appears eccentric;
  • Make a well structured daily routine at home for the child and note how he follows that;
  • Try to understand if your kids’ diet habit gets affected by ADHD symptoms;
  • Talk to his/her school teachers who can notice his various behaviors at school;
  • Ensure if your child experience restless sleep;
  • Accordingly, get in touch with a psychiatrist and advice.

Guardians desirous to get in touch with Dr. Jonathan Lauter, MD to discuss their child’s problem can meet him at Elmhurst Hospital Center while he also offers widespread mental-health care services, solutions and consultancy from special care treatment center situated in Manhattan. Apart from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Hyperactivity in children his specialization area includes Manic Depression/Bipolar Disorder, Acute Depression Disorder, Insomnia, Sleep Disorders, Schizophrenia and Depressive Disorder commonly found in teenagers to adults.

Those who are suffering from mental conditions like personality disorder, speech problem, Neurodevelopment disorder, OCD, conduct disorder can also contact expert psychiatric for required diagnose, management and solutions. Both in Elmhurst Hospital and his clinic Dr. Jonathan Lauter, MD is operational with a core team of mental healthcare professionals’ experts in particular domain. His team includes expert psychiatrists, talk therapists, occupational therapists, assisting doctors and nurse assistants. Led by Dr. Jonathan his teams are highly motivated to offer the finest class care services to sufferers with varied mental disorders.