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TimeClock Features for Work Management

As a young people now prefer to work outside the office and with more flexible working hours, how can we accommodate this need in the new reformation of working perspective? Nowadays, being the boss for one own self is preferable than conventional office hour. With the amount of time you can save to do other things and with the modern technology where you can many jobs online, it is no longer case about working from private island or while you are traveling. Yet, when you are working independently, there could be a case occurred related to timeclock of your work. If you work freelancing for a client or on your own business, it is important to see how much time you already invested is a project. Being able to manage when do you clock in and clock on into a work will result you the right amount of payment you shall receive.


Using spreadsheet schedule, reports, and time recording is not handy. It may cause the possibility of time manipulation or other things. A person who works based on timeclock is advisably to use the Time Clock Wizard which will help you with a lot of distant working problem with its features. The first and foremost important is the ability to schedule the work for everyone in the team with simple schedule features. The “manager” would be able to revise the schedule while the “employees” are able to propose for time changing, switch of shift and holiday leaves. The next important feature is to do Task Management. Task management will manage the designated task for everyone, set the due date, and monitor the progress of the task. The feature of task management gives chance to the same designated person to specific task to chat and coordinate about the common task.

It is not a secret that sometimes we have those employees who try to trick the system or not being honest about themselves. Now with this TimeClock Wizard, you will be able to check where they are actually are, when they clock in and clock out to the work.