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liver transplant

Finding the donor for

Over the last couple of years, India has witnessed high number of liver transplants in India. In fact, liver is the second most transplanted organ in human body. It is due to liver diseases that patients have to undergo liver transplants. But not every patient has to undergo the transplant surgery. Anyone who is suffering from last stage of liver cirrhosis and doctors has confirmed the life expectancy less than one year, is eligible for liver transplant. But what is liver transplant?

Liver transplant is a procedure in which the damaged liver is replaced with a new donated liver from a healthy individual. However, it is not confirmed that the liver will function properly even after the surgery. If the body does not accept the new liver, the person might have to get back on transplant list. Most of the doctor’s advice to consider liver donation from immediate family members because the probability of rejection is very low in this case. If you are looking for liver transplant, then you must checkout the cost of liver transplant in India. It is assumed to be affordable when compared to other countries.

Where to look for donors?

The best place to start with is with Cadaveric donors. These donors are individuals who have pledged to donate their organs after their death. But as per the law, the decision to donate the organs lies with the next kin after the death of the pledged donor.

liver transplant

Even after you get a favourable decision, then also you are not sure to receive the organ because the doctors need to evaluate the liver before the transplant. Only if everything goes as per the plan, you are ready for liver transplant.

Another place to look for donors is to check with immediate family members. If someone is willing to donate their liver, then it’s the best option because with immediate family members it is easy to match all the requirements. Contact the liver transplant centres for assistance. They are the right people to guide you for your transplant queries.

Things to ensure before finalizing the donor

Though the doctors would be doing thorough evaluation, yet as a patient you should also be aware of the criteria’s.

  • From medical standpoint, the donor’s and the patient’s blood group should match.
  • Doctors should do complete evaluation and share the result with you as well.
  • Make sure that you have the copy of the donor’s consent form.
  • As a receiver, you should not be asked for any donor payments on the account of liver donation.
  • In case of cadaveric donor, the doctor needs to ensure at least twice that the donor is completely brain dead within the gap of six hours. There should be a team which should be supervising the situation. The team includes a neurosurgeon, neurologist, a medical administrator and authorized specialist.

Getting a donor is not easy. Make sure you have a hospital that specializes in liver transplants. Also, determine liver transplant cost in India from various hospitals before finalizing one.