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Socks are the thing which is used by all kinds of people. There are different varieties of socks like wool hiking socks which can be used for various purposes. Some of the different types of socks which have been classified according to their length are as follows:

  • Ankle length socks
  • Quarter length socks
  • Crew length socks
  • Mid-calf length socks
  • Calf length socks
  • Knee length socks

Let us see those socks in detail in this article.

Ankle length socks:

Ankle length socks are also known to be as the low cut socks. These kind of socks can be used for low cut shoes and it perfectly fits the foot of the person. It can be worn by both men and women at the occasions during yoga and other kinds of sports activities.

Quarter length socks:

Some of the people may have allergic reaction to new shoes. In that case, these kinds of socks may protect the user from such reactions and also helps in maintaining the texture of the foot. It can be worn along with the short skirts and quarter pants.

Crew length socks:

These kinds of socks can be worn starting from your knee to your cuff. It protects you highly at rough terrains and also helps in maintaining the warm under your feet.


Mid-calf length socks:

Mid-calf socks are a bit longer than crew socks. It can also be used by men; women and also kids can use these kinds of socks.

Calf length socks:

Calf length socks are a kind of socks which provides more coverage to the foot of the person.  It would be perfect for casual look.

Knee length socks:

Knee length socks are a kind of socks which is loved by many people as it covers your foot up to your knee. It would be perfect for outdoor activities and all other sports activities.

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