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The Electronic Device Helping To Quit Smoking

Needless to mention that smoking has its harmful effects on every individual. Active smoking causes major health issues. Even after knowing it all people of different age groups are into smoking due to many reasons. When smokers consider quitting this addiction they look for a way out, an effective one. Technology is a gift that we got and this has helped us in many cases to solve problems. In order to bring a solution to this issue a new technology has been developed.


E-Cigarettes Or Electronic Cigarettes

It is a hand held electronic device. It is smoked like usual cigarettes but its components are different which makes it beneficial in overcoming the addiction. An e-cigarette when smoked basically makes the smoker inhale aerosol rather than nicotine smoke. To smoke this aerosol the ejuice present in the cigarette has to reach a temperature of about 100-250 degree Celsius within a chamber. The mentioned component of the e-cigarette is a mixture of normally five ingredients namely vegetable glycerin, propylene glycerol, nicotine, flavor and distilled water. The strength of nicotine depends upon the manufacturer and want of consumer but is far less compared to nicotine products. This mixture is also sold individually in bottles or pre-filled disposable cartridges. This mixture also comes in a kit for consumers to make their own juices as per wants. There are multiple varieties of flavors of these mixtures which offer a change in taste and smell to the consumer keeping the feel of smoking nicotine intact. There are even certifies organic liquids available in the market.

Effects Of E-Cigarettes

This helps smokers quit but it induces non smokers to start smoking. There are no serious harmful effects yet observed. There are many precautionary measures taken for youngsters and children.

Manufacturing And Availability

In a research it is seen that though nicotine free ejuice is available yet people tend to consume the one with nicotine. Most countries including USA, China and Europe are manufacturers of this mixture. The mixture is sold in online stores with product details and also offering free shipping.