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install the WAMP

Step up your home server By WAMP Software

Those who need to be on the system for long hours many times think to have an own server. People love to have it, but usually, don’t know how to set it. Many of them try to set it with the help of manuals and information provided on the internet. However, there are some friendly posts that can help one to set the server easily. One of the ways to set in the own server is with the help of the WAMP Software. Here are some helpful tips that can help one to set the server.

Get the WAMP set on PC:

There was a time when one has to take the help of IIS and other database software to configure the Apache so that the system can work as the web server. However, with the latest development in the field of technology, there are some better and easy options with the help of which one can use the system as a server. One of such option is to use WAMP. It is an acronym of Windows Apache Ms-SQL PHP. One can just visit the search engine such as Google and get the software downloaded easily. If one has Linux on his system than this software is known as LAMP which stands for Linux Apache Ms-SQL PHP.

This can help one to set up the site on the PC and use it as a production server. One can just access the directory which can be accessed.

install the WAMP

Here are some easy steps that can help one to install the WAMP:

  1. First of all, one needs to have the virtual host module enabled. For this, one just needs to click on the icon of WAMP. Just go for a left click and see the Apache Check the Vhost_module. Once it is enabled, just check the directory on C drive. It can be named as C:\windows\System32\drviers\etc\. just open the path and add it as local host and save it. Now go for 127.0.01 local host and save it. If the system resists to change, the file name just copy paste the same on the desktop and try to modify the name again.
  2. Once it is done one needs to offer the directory name so that it can be contacted as soon as the web address is provided as One can create some entries as https-vhosts.conf. This will help to configure the field inside the c drive as C:\ wamp\bin\apache\APACHEVERSION\conf\extra\ directory.
  3. Here are some more steps to help the host work properly. Just enter the <VirtualHost*:80> and provide the server admin as ServerAdmin admin@localhost and check the DocumentRoot C:/wamp/www.  Provide the ServerName localhost. Provide </VirtualHost> go for # user directory and provide <VirtualHost*:80>  just go for DocumentRoot c:/wamp/www/user. Go for ServerName </VirtualHost> Now just restart the system, and the process is over.

With the help of this process and simple steps, one can get his own WAMP server as your own and access as well as utilize the way one wants.