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Play Yahtzee for Once and You will Love it beyond Words

Play Yahtzee for Once and You will Love it beyond Words

Games are the ones that most of us love to play even if we grow into adults. These games are of course, a wonderful source of entertainment and relaxation for the likes of us at large. In the context of the present day, we have a real lot of games that could be played by the adults as well. Speaking of the games of such nature, the games that are played with the use of one or more dices deserve quite a unique place. Yes, there are a lot of dice games but some of them tend to kindle our gaming interest to a much greater extent. The game of yahtzee is definitely one such dice game which many of us are very much fond of. As it is a game of dice and the scores of the game are to be aptly noted down from time to time, we are in need of special score sheets when we tend to play a game of yahtzee. The yahtzee score sheets can be easily obtained in many ways.

How to play a game of yahtzee?

As said in the previous section of the present article, yahtzee is one of the most famous dice games that are being played by people all over the world. This game has been in context right from 1940’s and just like any other game, it also has a pre-defined set of rules. A game of yahtzee consists of thirteen rounds where the players are supposed to roll a set of five dice and come up with particular combinations. Each player is supposed to choose a category of his or her choice in the score sheet after the end of each round. But then, once a category is selected, a player cannot go for the same category for the second time. At the end of the game, the player who has managed to scoremore number of points is declared as the winner.

Play Yahtzee for Once and You will Love it beyond Words

The role of score sheets

We need to record the points of the players frequently in a game of yahtzee and here is where the score cards come into play. The yahtzee score sheets consist of different fields for the scores to be recorded aptly. They include

  • Ones
  • Twos
  • Threes
  • Fours
  • Fives
  • Sixes
  • Three of a kind
  • Four of a kind
  • Full house
  • Small straight
  • Large straight
  • Chance
  • Bonus
  • Grand total

At the end of the game, it is nothing but the grand total that matters. The player with the highest grand total emerges to be the winner of the game. The score sheets that are used in here can be downloaded at ease in the form of PDF from a lot of web sites. You can even zoom in the fields of the score sheets so as to have a good clarity in the printed form. Besides taking printouts, you can also by the score sheets at the online stores. Each pack consists of about 80 scorecards of yahtzee and they are of a very reasonable price.