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Save Your Precious Electrical Device with Help of Surge Protectors

Computers are quite expensive device, so it is essential to protect it from causing any big damage. One of the ways of protecting computer from sudden damage is use of power surge protectors. In fact it is the best way to reduce chances of pc damage. There are great chances of electrical damage causing from lighting strikes or sudden power surges. One may even loose his or her important data in the damage.

Power surge maintains the safe voltage level and thus minimises the risk of data loss. More ever these are available with multiple outlets. Thus it is best suited for computer that needs multiple connectors like printer, speakers, monitor, CPU etc.

Types of Power Surge Protectors

Types of Power Surge Protectors

There are following types of power surge protectors-

  • Metal Oxide Varistor Power Surge Protector- This is most common kind of power surge protector in which metal oxide part is directly connected through ground line connector with help of semi conductor. This semiconductor device acts as variable resistor that creates high resistance in case of low supply level while reduced resistance in case of higher voltage level.
  • Gas Discharge Arrestor Power Surge Protector- This kind of power surge protector make use of gas discharge tube that acts similarly to metal oxide varistor. Here electricity level is controlled by inert gas that also acts as conductor. Presence of excess power results in ionization of gas that acts as good conductor of electricity. This gas then pass the excess power to ground line and then electricity supply becomes normal. Usually surge protectors are equipped with a fuse for more security. In case of higher voltage level, fuse burns out acting as resistor that immediately cuts the supply level.

Advantages of Using Surge Power Protectors

Power surge protectors are used both in home as well as office. Few benefits of using power surge protectors are as given below-

  • It helps in protecting the electrical appliance from sudden damage with higher voltage level.
  • It maintains the steady electrical supply to every device at normal level. It acts as good regulator.
  • These power regulators definitely helps in reducing power wastage and thus results in low electricity bill.
  • One needs not to unplug device after its usage as such device already have switches for disconnecting device from power supply.

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How to Choose the Best Power Surge Protector?

After knowing the importance of these power surge protectors, one needs to make intelligent decision in order to get surge protectors. One should select the power surge protector with number of outlets sufficient for all devices. Device should possess in-built fuse for better function. Surge protector should necessarily protect all the three lines. Surge protector should also have circuit breaker in order to stop the flow of electricity while overloading. It should bear on/off switches for each outlet. Device should also have LED for showing its proper functioning. UL rating of the device should also be checked while buying the same. It should have high joules rating. So, don’t wait and get surge protectors soon for saving devices.