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How Secure Is Your Wireless Security Camera?

Nowadays, security cameras are the essential part of surveillance. They have come up with full proof features but still you should know each and every aspect of installing home security cameras at home. But before planning to buy them do deep research as they are coming in a wide variety.

Here in the article we are giving you some of the important information about buying security camera system.

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  • Security Cameras can be hacked: First of all, you may be surprised to know that security cameras system can be hacked. Monitoring your surroundings through these cameras sounds like a fine idea, but be caution that you will also open the chances that any motivated hacker could see what your cameras are watching.
  • These Cameras are not that much Secure: Most of the camera systems and their software are not built with the computer security in mind. None of the vendors could provide you a clear understanding of penetration testing. In fact, most of the security inquiries were met with puzzlement. Sometimes to handle your queries vendor’s technical expert will call you but chances are he fails to satisfy your query. What it directly depicted is they are easy to hack so be alert with that truth about Security cameras.
  • Google’s support for Hack Cameras: Let’s do some Google searches on your computer and you might be very much surprised by what you find. Most of the wireless security cameras run on the non-default ports and they are well documented and known by hackers. It simply allows them to scan the Internet, look out for those ports to find cameras. After that they start doing their tricks with your camera. There is no permanent solution to that. What better you can do is change your password needed to access your Wireless Security camera system. Those systems which do not change their password can easily be hacked through Google hacking.
  • Management Console is the key: Only thing that can save your security camera from hacking is your security camera system Management console. Know that your system uses the fully encrypted connection. Ask if your security camera supports TLS enabled or some other secure connection methods. If it is not so, then start considering another brand.

Some Additional Information about your Camera

  • Put night vision feature on top as most of the crimes are done in the dark time.
  • If your camera has motion detection, then configures it with your text message on phone. When any motion is detected in loose hours then it will send you a text.
  • Place cameras wisely. Front door and off street window is a better option.
  • All security cameras have delay versus real time. The cost of the camera doesn't determine the severity of the delay. Even on most expensive cameras you can test, the lag and it could be 3 to 5 seconds or can be more.

Putting security camera at home is a wise decision but before that know each and every in-depth information about it so that you can save your camera from cyber attackers.