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Permanent Residency In Australia: PR Process And Benefits

Australia is one of those countries, which have a point-based immigration system. The steps to get PR in Australia are not much difficult. The process needs online and offline documents. Different agencies will help you to avail permanent residency Australia services India.

Permanent residency application process

To receive the status of PR, the person needs to meet some needs of the authority. The steps include:

Arranging important documents

The first and most important step of the process is a collection of important and major documents. There are two main documents other than the basic and tour documents. These documents are essential to get permanent residency. These are:

  1. Skill test report, which should have signatures of legal government authority
  2. The result of any global English language examination like IELTS, TOEFL etc.

Once all the documents are collected, people move on to select the type of visa.

Choosing Appropriate Visa

There are many PR visa categories given by the government of Australia. One can apply for the visa according to their need. The common types of visa are:

  1. Subclass 190 – State nominated visa
  2. Subclass 186 – Employer nominated visa
  3. Subclass 189 – Non-sponsored visa

Selection of Occupation

After applying for a visa, you need to fill out the skilled occupation list. This list is available with the government as SOL. If the person is applying for the non-sponsored visa, they need to fill SOL form of central government. However, if the application is for the state nominated visa, then the SOL form gets filled for the specific Australian state.

Applying for immigration

The next step is to apply for the point based immigration system of Australia. One needs to submit Expression of Interest (EOI) at first. This form is available online on skill select system of government. It contains age, education, financial details, work experience etc. of the person. These details are important for the government records. Then, the person will receive certain profit points. The government gives these scores to the person based on details. If you want to apply for a visa, then the score needs to be more than 60. Higher points mean more security invitation and support of authorities. Thus, this is another important step in the process.

Health and Character needs

One needs to give documents about health and character. These documents are attached with visa. Proper mental and physical health, as well as a good moral character, is the key need of the certificate. The person needs to send correct information. These details are checked by officials using primary data. Such documents are received from medical examination and police reports.

Advantages of PR in Australia

Once a person receives Australian immigration permanent residency, he gets the following rights in the country:

  • Housing and work in Australia become easier for unlimited time.
  • After spending some years of residency, one can apply for permanent citizenship later on.
  • Permanent residents enjoy the same status as of those by citizens of Australia.
  • PR also gives you the benefit to apply for consular help services.
  • After getting the permanent status, you can also bring your family to Australia.

These rights are beneficial enough to make you apply for the status of PR in Australia. You can look for more information on the online page of the government. Contact your nearest visa office to know more.