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Google Pixel 2 Release date and Price

Google has long been proven the relevance of its mobile operating system, completely conquered the budget and mid-market segments. Nexus has done his job, Nexus can leave. It's time to head-on collision with the iPhone: on the scene Pixel and Pixel XL - smartphones produced by HTC, but entirely manufactured by Google.


The first shock of the price on the new Google branded smartphones has already passed - first gave themselves known habit of low-cost "Nexus". In place of the shock came the understanding that the Pixel, in general, started great - the people are no longer strong association with expensive smartphone - iPhone means. And let the market release them officially has no plans to try to Google Pixel in the case was not just curious, but perhaps just necessary - it is one of the most important gadgets of the year. After all, it embodies the authors' opinion the main modern mobile OS on it, how to be a smart phone based on it.

Pixel and Pixel Xl differ only in displays (5-inch Full HD and a conventional 5.5-inch Quad HD y XL), size and battery capacity (2770 mAh and a conventional 3450 mAh in XL). In terms of filling, cameras and communications capabilities are no differences between the versions. Platform Qualcomm Snapdragon 821, four GB of RAM, 32 GB or 128 flash memory, a nano-SIM, missing slot for memory cards, the main chamber 12 megapixels and front 8MP.

In terms of design, they also did not differ much - presents the same colors: black, silver and rare blue (there must be a "color of dreams" as Jet Black for iPhone 7). Find blue we simply did not work, so we tested the silver Google Pixel 5-inch display.

Problems in Google Pixel:

Android would not be an android, if there did not appear glitches. They are very different, but I came across only a few lockups, which disappear or when disconnected and the screen is turned on, or when the phone is restarted.And we must show that distinguishes the machine from others in terms of design. The upper part of the rear glossy, lower - matt. Pixel word missing. Big View letter G, and the bottom is written Phone by Google.

Google is moving forward in this series now, probably with the release of Google Pixel 2. Then, two brothers will also be released with it, Google Pixel 2 XL and Google Pixel 2B. Rumors are saying, Google Pixel 2B name is still not finalized, Company can give it a different name as well. Google Pixel 2 Release date is not declared officially yet, on the basis of rumors and internal sources, it can be October 2017, just after 1 year of release of Google Pixel.