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Achieve a Body Building Body without Gym

Body building involves lifting weights to increase the size of muscles. The tension from the weight stretches and tears the muscle fiber. When muscle cells sense this trauma, the muscle - building troops of the body rally to repair the muscular tears.

Hormones, growth factors, and white blood cells make up the muscle - building troops. These muscle troops do not only repair torn muscles. They increase the size of the muscular fiber and the strength of the nerves that activate them. When proper recovery is allowed, a body builder grows new a muscle.

How to Achieve Realistic Body Building Results

Here are five tips on how to achieve real-world bodybuilding results:

  • Focus on each body part.

When you just focus and isolate a particular body part, its muscle fibers are stretched and torn over and over again resulting in maximum muscle damage and repair.

  • Allow each body part to do several exercises.

This suggests that you do several exercises for a specific body part just like in a weight training circuit. You need to stretch a specific muscle group in different angles.

  • Exhaust muscles through sets.

Building one’s strength is one goal of a body builder. One or two sets are not enough because you need to bring muscles to exhaustion.

  • Change repetition patterns.

The multiple sets you have do not have to be the same number of repetitions. You have to vary the number of repetitions to optimize muscle growth.

  • Train hard, recover longer.

There are a lot of muscles that are torn doing a body – builder style of routine. It is advised not to work the same muscles for consecutive days. Let them recover.

Exercise Less Body Building and More…

Achieving a body – building body is not that hard as straining your muscular fiber every day. You might have heard about the Human Growth Hormone, or popularly known as HGH.

  • Benefits you get

Using the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) gives users a lot of benefits. Some of which are found below.

  • Reduce body fat
  • Increase lean muscle mass
  • Help in achieving greater endurance and faster recovery
  • Improve mood, sleep, skin tone, and sex drive
  • Cons of using it

Human Growth Hormone (HGH) does not come handily for those who want to avail it.

  • Injections cost thousands of dollars.
  • The prescription is needed.

Achieving a body building body requires a lot of discipline and sacrifice. It is not a form of vanity. Having your muscular fiber stretched and torn is like subjecting yourself to physical torture, a self – initiated torture. It is like achieving any other goals you have set it life. None of them was easily achieved.

Meanwhile, the alternative to use Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to speed up achieving the body – building body you want is a preferred alternative for those who want real body building results with less exercise and can afford the price to be paid entailed by HGH use.

Which one is better? It’s up to you to decide.