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Samsung is a house hold brand in India and are very popular for their electronic device s like mobile phones, tablets, televisions and even home appliances such as washing machines, microwave- ovens etc. Samsung TVs have been popular for being overall very versatile TVs that can provide good to very good picture quality. Generally, Samsung TVs won't be the very best in a specific usage. They instead tend to be very versatile TVs that will do well in a wide variety of uses.  Lower quality content such as broadcast TV or DVDs is scaled up to the 4k resolution well. Even in HDR, Samsung TVs maintain a low input lag which is great for gaming. At every price range, Samsung TVs provide a performance suitable for most buyers. They are quite good and usually without any major flaws besides the common ones for LCD TVs. They make a wide variety of TVs that will cater to different households across globe. The best budget Samsung TV is the MU6300 4k TV. Its picture quality is decent, and it makes for a good gaming TV for those on a budget. It's brighter than most TVs it's competing with, and it shares the low input lag found across the Samsung range of TVs. Its smart features are also good, offering a wealth of apps with just about every streaming service one would need. It doesn't have advanced features like local dimming or wide colour gamut, but it's a decent TV overall. But when you want to buy a television always keep in mind the features that you are paying extra bucks for and whether you will use them in the long run or not. TVs do not come cheap but Samsung still tried to provide the best it can for those looking for good features but are also on a budget.

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You will get best price on Samsung televisions online at You will get a wide range of Samsung televisions: the E Series, the M Series and the P Series. They are great budget TVs.    The great thing about Samsung is that they are amazing brand with televisions catering to every household and this is their best quality. Samsung is also great in their after sale services. Always make sure you get manufacturer’s warrantee when you get the television. You can get the best price on Samsung televisions online at

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You can easily compare television price online that you want across different websites under a single domain that is This not only helps you save a lot of money but also helps you save a lot of time. By comparing the price you can see the lowest and the cheapest price on the Samsung television of your choice. You have a tonne of options to choose from and a number of deals and offers are always available on