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Buy SQL server enterprise today

The SQL server is biggest leap ahead in the history of Microsoft data. It uses well the real time analytics of business, built well the data analysis and even the advanced technology of security around. One can also know its merits that they support well the mobile devices as well the scenarios of hybrid cloud. The SQL server enterprise is basically known to deliver the complete power of data center for databases of mission critical. One can run all SQL servers that allow accessing of multiple servers of licensed SQL. One can buy SQL server enterprise for best usage of the same.

SQL server types

All SQL servers are licensed as already said and they include three major ones as,

  • Standard edition
  • The business intelligence
  • Enterprise edition servers

They are also known for giving all the customers an all new measure of computing power. They are known to offer the consistent licensing metric irrespective of the setup. Per core also works for all physical server on-premise or in the cloud or virtual environments. For more details, buy SQL server enterprise. As you can expect, the enterprise edition of SQL server includes almost everything that is present in standard one but it includes some more additional features.

More features

The enterprise is one that supports well the database of around 524 petabytes. The enterprise is also one that takes the performance and scalability of step ahead by supporting well the higher amount of RAM and the higher number of the core processors which these host system provides. Additionally, this enterprise edition includes the features as index partitioning, the table one, data compression or the table parallelism. The availability around is even superior for enterprise edition. One can create well the database snapshots, mirrored backups, multi-subnet clusters and more.

Some more areas in which the enterprise SQL server surpasses are security. It offers the basic auditing, the user-defined roles, the contained databases and others. The enterprise even supports the fine grain audits, the encryption of transparent database and also the management which is extensible key. Additionally, the enterprise is one which is known for supporting the peer to peer replication of transactions and parallel index operations or automatic usage of the indexed views. It is purely superior in its form and includes all the advanced features which are useful and can act as the assistance at the same time.


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